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Ascendant Vague Aliens


Ascendant Vague Aliens, or A:V:A, is a Turkish(?) occult/”BM”/dark ambient project, highly experimental, weird, and dark… And by great Stolas, is it dark! One can drown in the heavy, thick soundmat alone, never even noticing the underlying melodies!

EP consists of two half-an-hour long songs, (I’m surprised it wasn’t just one song) as abrasive and challenging as can be, while they still can be called dark ambient, and not just being straight up harsh noise. One can at first believe that 19900317 is just a wall noise song with a constant and swaying recording of a microphone standing in a very, very windy field. But that is only a half truth; listen beyond wailing mælström of sound and you will find a lonesome and sad melody.

, however, is more in line with the soundscape side of wall noise and dark ambient. Still the windy storm of audial terror rages, but with more elements which helps creating a richer atmosphere of darkness and horror.

I am still quite unsure of wither I should call the EP an interesting take on wall noise, with its noisemat and hidden melodies, or if I should call it a overpowering example of bad mixing of a dark ambient record…

The EP is released by a small and underground Russian label, Kadaath Records. I had some minor problems with the shipping, but the label handled it well and politely and I am very grateful for it!

As a side note, A:V:A, are very good at creating great visuals to go along with their music and check out their Facebook(how underground of you) and their YouTube account, which has a good edition of 19900317 by Lord Erragal, which is a little softer and better mixed.

All in all, is a worthy addition to the collection of connoisseur of weird and underground “music”. There are no doubts that A:V:A can create some great and horrifying soundscapes and art to match, and I am curious to see what is to come.

I. 19900317 (Original version)


93 93/93


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