Akasha – Oyster EP



Ah, it’s nice to see that there still is a lot of bedroom recordings happening, even amongst the drone proprietors. Besides the Internet, I can’t think of any good venue for new aspiering dark ambient artist to get some publicity, aside from getting swiped up by some big label or being featured on some project. And perhaps once in a blue moon, someone, somewhere in a shady bar is having a unofficial dark ambient show.

Anyhow, Akasha is a one man drone/dark ambient project, situated (I believe) in Cairo. The EP Oyster is the first utterance of him on Bandcamp and it is a quite pleasant recording of a lonely and moody soundscape. Long silences, sad tones and melodies, and a thick atmosphere of estranged and empty streets where the only company is the yellow shine of street lamps.

It is a great debut from Akasha and I am curious to where this project will go in the time to come. Perhaps towards a more harsh terrain, or perhaps to more mellow and thick soundcapes? Only the oysters know…

Oyster I
Oyster II
Oyster III


93 93/93


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