Head of Wantastiquet – Dead Seas

Head of Wantastiquet93

Head of Wantastiquet is something else. Few band are able to capture the feeling of being in a old pagan procession in the fields, with some heavily distorted guitars and drone/doom pacing. Drawing parables between the lo-fi productions of the latest drone project and the pagan flavorings of neo-folk bands, as Hexvessel, is quite easy while you listen to Head of Wantastiquet. Yet the band exists in its own realm of sonic landscapes.

Head of Wantastiquet is a Belgian psycedelic rock/drone/doom/neo-folk project of Paul LeBrecque. Dead Seas was recorded in the summer of 2010, on the location of La Ferme du Biéreau. It is an old farm remade to be a sort of artist collective where artists can live, have concerts, live performances, and record music.

Dead Seas starts of as a quite mellow drone recording, with slow, distorted guitars and repetitive, almost trance inducing riffs, like a drone artist’s first bedroom recording. However, towards the middle of the album, it switches gears and takes out the acoustic guitar, for some full on neo-folk action. Still the monotonous and trance like feeling is intact.

It’s no lie to say that Dead Seas is a quite boring and repetitive record with not much variety and things to keep it interesting. But perhaps that is not the primary goal of the record. Instead, perhaps it’s goal is to convey  the primitive and raw essence of sound and music, and a chance of quiet introspective.

Take it as you will; if you do not fancy listening to an hour of guitar meandering Head of Wantastiquet will not change you outlook of music. Otherwise, take some downtime and take a journey through grassy fields with Pan at your side.

I. Return to Agharti
II. Arrows Into the Head of the Serpent
III. All High Souls
IIII. A Curse Repeated
V. Shakedown No. 6
VI. Mavi Marmara
VII. Dead Seas
VIII. Goodbye Biloxi
IX. On Earth As It Is in Heaven
X. Victorious Eyes
XI. 11:11


93 93/93


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