Nocturnal – Arrival of the Carnivore



Alright! Time for some good ol’ thrash metal from Germany! Complete with a full cover of a naked satyr admits a field of skulls! After all, what could be more metal than a anthropomorphic goat with tons of skulls? Anyhow, trying to tear my eyes of the naked goat-man, on to the German thrash metal power from 2004, Nocturnal!

This is a quite standard fare of thrash metal, fast, mosh-able riffs, simple soundscape, and some hoarse, shrill vocals. Normally, this isn’t what I usually listen to, I am, as you probably figured out by now, a black metal fan at heart, but sometimes all the bleakness and frostbitten gets a bit old and repetitive. Thrash is quite similar to BM, just a bit more jolly and simpler. Arrival of the Carnivore succeeds with its goal of being simple, fast, energetic, Satan worshiping, great metal, but perhaps Nocturnal does it a bit too well… If you were to mix some of the songs of Arrival of the Carnivore, in a playlist of other thrash bands, I probably wouldn’t be able to guess which one is Nocturnal.

However, there is one thing that they have which is quite unique, Mayhem’s vocals! Aside from the jokingly bad and generic stage name(the drummer, Hellbastard, however, is gold), Mayhem has quite some unique vocals. Very shrill, very high, sometimes broken, always awesome, his vocals is what saves this band from becoming yet another, good but standard thrash metal band. The songs that feature the most of his “unique talents” are also the best and most awsome, Temples of Sin, Burn This Town, and the best, Victorious Night!

Fun fact: A Nocturnal patch can be seen on the cover of Darkthrone’s album Dark Thrones and Black Flags.

I. Coven of Darkness (Intro)
II. Temples of Sin
III. Satanic Oath
IIII. Preventive War
V. Burn This Town
VI. War of Spirits
VII. Merciless Murder
VIII. Nuclear Strike
IX. Victorious Night
X. Awakening the Curse of Souls

Encyclopaedia Metallum/Discogs/Label/Spotify

93 93/93


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