Spettro Family – Strigoi

Spettro Family - Strigoi


This is one of those hard to categorize styles of music… Ambient, yet too much “energy”, synth, yet too experimental and ambient, avant-garde, yet not challenging enough. Perhaps the fairest and best way to describe the Strigoi tape is… “a haunting surrealist soundtrack to a 70’s impressionistic Italian exploitation film.”

Strigoi is the second release by Spettro Family on Vade Retro label. As I’ve said, Strigoi is quite an interesting release. Very moody and filled with the feeling of listening to a old, bad Italian exploitation film, and that is a very good thing. I also like the random sample from Sister Sledge on side A. Despite that little nugget of gold, the cassette consists of very pleasant synthesizers melodies that sounds like they are lifted straight from 70’s movies.

However, there is one flaw with this cassette, namely the length. Just as you are getting into the song and atmosphere of the music, it is over. These kinds of ambient and slow music really needs a longer run time since is strength is the mood and build up. If the music is over just as that build up is finished and the listener is in that wonderful feeling, the listener is ripped right back out and left with the feeling of “aww, it’s already over?”.

Despite the short run time, Strigoi is a great cassette to put you in the mood for some budget exploitation movies! And Vade Retro Records is a great label that you should support!



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93 93/93


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