Anemone Tube – Forget Heaven

Forget Heaven


Once again I have the pleasure of talking about the great purveyor of sonic destruction, namely Anemone Tube! Prepare yourself for some most eerie, dark, and nihilistic soundscapes, yanked straight from the darkest recesses of an abandoned and forgotten despot lost in a dystopian hell! Yes, it is time to lose your mind in uncanny and strangely atmospheric noise.

Forget Heaven is Anemone Tube’s first released album (aside from the split with Hunger), released in 1997 and recorded during the period of September 1996 – May 1997.  Not only was it the first solo album he released, prior to September 1996, he had not dabbled in noise before. And I have to say, for being someones first utterance of sonic destruction, Forget Heaven is a very solid and refined album. It never feels like he just threw in a bunch of random destroyed noises, with no thought of the texture and soundscape, and it neither feels dragged out or like it’s afraid of taking space and being harsh.

Forget Heaven is a very personal tape, recorded during the sweet budding period of the artists life, fueled by nihilism, recreational drugs, Dissecting Table, and  O.L.D. A perfect example of what the creative mind is able to invoke during the most introspective and emotional state of being. A transference of primal forces within that needed to be released; and it  manifested itself into what is now known as Forget Heaven.

The tone of the album matches the state of mind which produced it. Slow, booming sound-walls creeping along a bleak and inhospitable soundscape, dotted with the occasional feedback screeches and distorted twisted sounds. Yet still ferocious at times with frenzied tribal drums, forcing you to Self-Hospitalisation. The whole album radiates of a nihilistic and ruthless æther of the most primal and ugly within us.

I would love if Anemone Tube would take some time and yet again embark on a lengthy journey of nihilistic and dystopian soundscapes, as Flowers of Reality and Forget Heaven. It is music like this that makes you realize the often overlooked, or ignored, splendor of power and splendor of sound art. The act of sitting in your sofa, with headphones or speakers, in a candlelit room, and just closing your eyes and loose yourself in the sounds and noises can be just as much, or more so, inspiring and enriching as attending a art gallery.

I. TiFang – Desertification Extinguished
II. Dark Accomplishment
III. Obey the Matrix
IIII. Self-Hospitalisation

I. Escape Surrealised
II. Forget Heaven


93 93/93


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