Ruth White – Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil93

“… A violin’s vibrato wounds the heart of woe, A tender heart detests the black of nullity, The sky, a lofty altar, lovely in the gloom; The sun is drowning in the evening’s blood-red glow. …

– Charles Baudelaire, Evening Harmony

Flowers of Evil, or Les Fleurs de Mal, is one of the most subtlety evil and unsettling works of music, almost more scary and unnerving than the likes of Lustmord, Raison d’Être, and Flint Glass‘s R’lyeh. With a simple set up(nowadays anyway) Ruth White manages to produce a record full of dark haunting atmosphere, bleak vocals, and lyrics by a great French poet, Charles Baudelaire.

Ruth White is an American composer who was one of the pioneers in electronic music, with her use of the Moog synthesizer and various electronic equipment on her most famous albums, including, Seven Trumps From The Tarot Card And Pinions and Flowers of Evil.

The way Ruth White manages to capture the bleak feeling from Baudlaire’s poems is nothing short of spectacular! Flowers of Evil is a testament to the great use of subtlety to create something truly unnerving and unsettling, in stead of the myriad of over the top artists, trying so hard to be scary but overflooding medium with unnecessary soundeffects and gory, shocking lyrics. The most effective and scary things is what our own minds can create, and with the use of a minimal and unfamiliar soundscape with ever so slightly distorted vocals, it sets the mind to work and conjures up the most scary feeling that not even the most hackney artist can think up.

If you can, get this album!

Protip: Some of the songs on Flowers of Evil is featured on the indie game Space Funeral, together with some other great music. The game is a weird and psycedelic trip through a messed up world while trying to find out what happened to it and ultimately trying to heal the broken land and its inhabitants.

I. The Clock
II. Evening Harmony
III. Lovers Wine
IIII. Owls
V. Mists and Rain
VI. The Irremediable
VII. The Cat
VIII. Spleen
IX. The Litanies of Satan

Discogs/Wikipedia/Space Funeral

93 93/93


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