Shrine of the Northern Blood, Epitome VIII: Blut Aus Nord – The Mystical Beast of Rebellion

The Mystical Beast of Rebellion

The Mystical Beast of Rebellion93

I bid you welcome to another glimpse into the unfathomable darkness and majesty of the masters of the black arts! The pernicious virulence of Blut Aus Nord’s unholy raw gospel of the old ways shines ever brightest with the rise of The Mystical Beast of Rebellion! A force of vile hatred not be heard again ’till the creation and revelation of Liber IThe Mystical Beast of Rebellion was first released in Anno IVviii by the now forlorn Oaken Shield heralds. The current heralds of doom and purveyors of Blut Aus Nord’s scriptures, graciously re-released the beast upon the world in Anno IVxviii. The second coming of the beast brought with it three additional tracks of what was to come.

The Mystical Beast of Rebellion is the rawest, vilest, and purest form of black metal to be uttered from Blut Aus Nord. It is unrelentlessness and Chapter V is the most blasphemous and monstrous utterance of the Beast, and it is glorious! The vocals are straight from a abominable, grotesque demon from the unhallowed pits of the Abyss.

With the Beast released Blut Aus Nord became free to venture into more obscure and unventured paths, and able to experiment and drive the black arts to new, unthinkable and obscure forms. After they perfected the arts with The Mystical Beast of Rebellion, they started to dissect it and reform the old Gods to create new, blasphemous, and sacrilegious mockeries of What Once Was.

I. The Fall: Chapter I
II. The Fall: Chapter II
III. The Fall: Chapter III
IIII. The Fall: Chapter IV
V. The Fall: Chapter V
VI. The Fall: Chapter VI
VII. The Fall: Chapter 7.7
VIII. The Fall: Chapter 7.77
IX. The Fall: Chapter 7.777

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93 93/93


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