Anyone remember the electronic music craze of the year 2000? Well the l337 mu5ic m4k3r B4D-W0LF certanly does. He mixes different elements of electronic music to make a somewhat unique sound. There is some amen breaks, techno boredom, a bit of breakcore, some wub dub dubstep, and some very original gunshot samples, all mixed together to make some well put together digital electronic music.

B4D-W0LF is a young and prolific music maker who has appeared on a lot ofcomersially different compilations. No douth that he knows what he is doing and knows his way around the electronic music world of more commercially viable sounds. This is one of the most “normal” and “safe” albums I have reviewed; no crazy tapeloops, feedback, or abyssal growls here, only dance-able beats, and chip music melodies.

While it is very “safe” and regular music, and a bit pedestrian, it is still well made music and I have most definitely heard worse. There is a sence of originallity in the songs and a lot of them is quite enjoyable. It however suffers from some of the problems that arises when you borrow so much elements from different styles. It isn’t made entierely on a Gameboy for the chip freaks, it doesn’t drop the bass for the dubstep fanatics, and it doesn’t consist of weird and impossible beats of breakcore crazies.

Even with beeing a bit padded for the masses, it is a solid and well made album by a passionate artist, and for only $3.33 it’s a steal! Listen to it when you are in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned LAN party music! (Just skip the song [Renegades] Featuring “TDOTTLEE”, if you don’t like bad “rap”)

I. Desperate
II. Prodigy
III. Kill Your Idols
IIII. Scout
V. Fatal Attractions
VI. Lost Cause
VII. [Renegades] Featuring “TDOTTLEE”
VIII. Chemically Imbalanced
VIIII. Righteous Dub
X. Zero One
XI. Heart of a Dragon
XII. To Exterminate the Human Race


93 93/93


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One response to “B4D-W0LF – C0RRUP710N

  1. This is B4D-W0LF, and it was a double album…
    The “extra songs” were put into an album, and they’re rare songs, too. The extra song “Five Thosand Shades of Black” is on youtube for you to extound upon, and it’s actually electronic metal. my next albums that I’m releasing are going to be “yin and yang” Tranquil songs vs Heavy Dubstep/Speedcore/DnB
    Thx for the blog. Can’t wait to hold concerts.

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