Svarti Loghin – Luft


It is yet again time to pay a visit to the dim, mist filled, bleak and desolate dalsländska skogarna. Svarti Loghin quite recently released their latest album, Luft, a cassette on the underground Swedish black metal label, Total Holocaust Records (Home of the fantastic band Reaktor 4!). Since the release of their EP Sea of GreenSvarti Loghin has gone towards a more calm,  melancholic way and almost in a style more akin to ballads, with lots of acoustic guitars and clear vocals.
Sea of Green was a dissapointment for me, partly that I wasn’t completely ready for their complete style change, and partly because I just don’t enjoy Limpan’s clear vocals…

Fortunately, Limpan has stepped away from the mic on Luft and picked up a harmonica, and S.L. has taken over the vocals. While still the vocals are better I still don’t fully enjoy them, they sound to “standard” and “normal”, with no particullary unique sound or talent. It does however give the album a more natural and honest feeling.

As I already said, Luft is almost a soft rock album with very low production value and some black metal aesthetics. Think of as a more raw and unrefined version of what Opeth did with their album Damnation. But fear not you who can’t handle anything that isn’t as grim and hard as Transylvanian Hunger, the second song on the B-side is a more traditional black metal song. However, be prepared for a quite jarring style change of the next song. I have no idea what they were thinking writing that song; it almost sounds like, and I do not like this parable, country/blues song… Country is one of my least favorite genre and when I first heard the song I almost got a sonic stroke. It’s probably the worst song on the album, in my oppinion, but do not get discouraged, despite that marring fault, Luft is a great album and mood piece!

If you are in the mood for some great melancholic and depressing music, but not Shining, listen to this album. There is still a few copies left on Total Holocaust Records, if you are fast and lucky.

I. Desperation
II. Luft
III. Atom
IIII. Blod
I. Regn
II. Desolation
III. London Conversation/I’m a Drifter

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93 93/93


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