Shrine of the Northern Blood, Epitome VII: Children of Mäani – Veil of Osiris


Lo, the Great Beast awaken! Shine on forever, benevolent Ra, bless us with your lifegiving sun! The Shrine of the Northern Blood has risten from obscurity and offers another blasphemous relic of a forlorn age. At Anno IV:07 A.N., Vindsval blessed us with a traditional, yet inspired semon of the old ways.

One of Vindsval’s greatest strenghts is that he has a good and solid grasp on the old and traditional sound and feeling of that which is black metal. With that foundation and understanding of the philosophy, he can masterfully and with respect make his own mark on the genre, and develop the genre further into euclidean realms of immense grandness and obscurity. If one cannot comprehend the ancient ways of the forefathers, one cannot fully comprehend the truth and wisdom behind the rituals. But one must at the same time not be lost in restricitons and the dogma of religious doctorine, but one must learn from old and use thine own Wilth and Way to evolve and bring oneself closer to the personal Star.

While Children of Mäani only spawned two albums, one demo with the same songs as on Veil of Osiris, it still has an impact on the development of his iconic style. The unique style of drumming, and frequent and excellent guitar solos, while not as extreme as on his forthcoming sermons, is still present in The Veil of Osiris. The sermon is a exploration of the occult and mysic side of black metal, and not a superficial aligment to the lord of the depts, just to fit in with the anti-christian side of the black metal.

 If thou canst conjure forth the obscure sermon of Osiris, count thoust self fortunate and bless the Great Beast!

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law
Love is the Law, Love Under Will

I. Tradition – The Birth
II. In the Middle of the Macrocosme – Those Who are Called Vao
III. Tiphareth… and Beams of Malchuth – After the Five Ones
IIII. Tradition – My Birth – Where is the Sky of the First

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93 93/93


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