Svarti Loghin – Empty World

Svarti Loghin

Autumn has finally died, the forests have shifted from green to white and the national public transport system has failed. Winter has finally gotten its cold grasp on Svea Rike! This is the time for Vinterblot, drinking mugs of glögg,  munching on lussekatter and paying heed to the spirit of Winter: Black Metal!

What better way to spend your day than beeing snowed in in your house, while gazing at the raging snowstorm outside, while blasting some black metal from the place where the sun only shines during two hours at winter? Svarti Loghin is a Swedish Black Metal band from Falun. They play a quite melancholic atmospheric black metal. Maybe not the most original or well made, they have tons of feelning and passion! They encapsule the grim melancholic winter perfectly in their opening track, Karg Nordisk Vinter. The rest of the album follows in the same style, with some calm and pleasant bits, but overall, the album doesn’t evolve any further than “grim, lo-fi, black metal from the north”. The lack of experimentation and creativity doesn’t haper the overall enjoyment of Empty World and it is an excellent mood piece!

I. Karg Nordisk Vinter
II. Inner Desolation
III. Empty World
IIII. The Silence Always Returns
V. Cold Void
VI. Outro

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