Prurient – The Black Post Society

Ahh, what better to dispel the winter cold from the bone marrow, than some harsh, rhythmic noise from our all favorite destroyer of sounds, Prurient.

While Dominick Fernow might not be the most unique and/or extreme noise artist out there, he still holds a special place in my heart, for with his iconic style introducing me to the unrelenting world of noise!

He keeps a lot of melodies intact or dominant in his songs and some sense of traditional song narrative and structure. Yet he does not shy away from going all out with wall noise(see History of Aids for example).  The Black Post Society is a great, almost melodic, noise album, with some calmer moments to break up the oppressive sonic wall. Prurient also sings, or rather screams, quite a lot in is album which I find most enjoyable. Overall a well made noise album that perhaps is a good introduction to the uninitiated.

I. Spectre of a Child
II. Forever Hate
III. Domina Milking
IIII. Egyptian Bondage
V. Rose Comet
VI. Wooden Weapons
VII. Mask of the Boys
VIII. Months Lengthening Into Years


93 93/93


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Filed under Harsh Noise, Noise, Power Electronics, Prurient, Rhythmic Noise

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