Yellow Eyes/Monvment – Split

Two of the best underground/true/lo-fi/whatever-you-want-to-call-it black metal bands, to emerge from the United States, have banded together and released a truly monumental and blasphemous split! The cassette is at the same time the second album released by both the New York based, Yellow Eyes and Chicago based, Monvment. If you ever doubted that there  could ever come great and raw black metal music from the land of plastic and over consumption, this cassette shows great promise of two great and individual bands may be coming forth to set their mark on the underground black metal scene!

Yellow Eyes were one of the earliest bands I ever wrote about on YTiMS, and the magic and greatness that I heard in them is still present in this cassette! Their sweeping and glorious guitar are still as magnificent as they were on Silence Threads the Evening’s Cloth.
The sign of a truly great atmospheric black metal band is that they can, without the veil of low production value and sound, still create the the same felling as though the alvum was recorded in a forest, even when it is recorded in a good studio. And I know that Yellow Eyes can pull that of! They may settle themselves as the most iconic lo-fi atmospheric black metal acts to emerge from the United States. (Besides Ash Borer)

Monument or Monvment, as he prefers, is a one man black metal performer that creates a more mystic and “evil” aura than Yellow Eyes. Monvment creates a more sinister atmosphere and has a more raw essence, in the vein of Murmuüre. I like what I have heard from him and I can see him also becoming a force to be reckoned with, in the more “raw” and “emotional” area of the black metal spectrum!

The split is available as both digital download and as a cassette at Sol Y Nieve label, and I definitely recommend you get your hands on the cassette!

A. Yellow Eyes
I. The Solid Chime Of Matching Bone With Harder Strength
II. Unlit Kingdom

B. Monvment
I. Milchama (Wound)/Coughing the Blood of Hope and Love
II.Gaping Orifices In The Floor Of Heaven

Yellow Eyes/Label/Listen/Buy/Monvment


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