Reaktor 4 – S/T

No, I’m not going to write about the reactor that blew up at Chernobyl, that’s what the band does much better than I ever can! Reaktor 4 is a quite new band from the little Swedish town of Strömstad. So far they have only released this album in 2009 and what I know they haven’t released any other material. It’s a shame because this is one of the best industrial black metal album I have ever heard!

Reaktor 4 has all the components for a really good industrial black metal album. Harsh edges, unwelcoming atmosphere, dystopian vocals, and cold, industrial drums. Compared to the more popular industrial metal band, Reaktor 4 are quite mellow and down to earth. With bands like Gorgonea Prima, NIN, Rammstein and Sybreed, the style and look of the band is almost as important as the music. As for their music, is generally more energetic and with as much industrial sounds and samples as possible(not in a bad way mind you…), Reaktor 4 are more about the idea, reality and consequences of a overly industrialized  dystopian world, and not so much about a fashion statement.

Reaktor 4 is mabye not the most groundbreaking or extreme industrial metal albums out there, but it is one of the most emotional and has influenced me the most!
(Not to forget about the most metal accordions ever!)

I. Reaktor 4
II. Kontamination
III. Turbinhall
IIII. Aska
V. Slutförvar
VI. Ingenting
VII. Sönderfall



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