Sturqen is a duo from Portugal, consisting of César Rodrigues and David Arantes. They started in 2009 and have since been playing concerts, making remixes, released 3 albums and 3 EPs, sound work for art festivals and they have appeared on podcasts. Quite a productive duo and you can tell that they enjoy making music by the way they play with the sounds, and really experimenting what you can do with them. And yet they create a quite accessible album. Sturqen manages to create music that balances on line between experimental art, á la glitch and power electronics, and the more traditional and safe sound of techno and electronic music in general.

Raia is their latest album and is an interesting affair. As mentioned before, the album is a glitchy, noisome electronic affair that manages to keep the jaded, avant-garde music elitists, interested, while still not scaring away the more laidback listeners. It has a quite mellow and cool sound to it, with soft beats and sweeping ambiance, and yet has a harsh edge, with sharp, shrill sounds.

For those of you who like to dance to their electro-music, should find another album perhaps, since this i more towards the “art album” label. It is a great record if you fancy some glitchy, experimental sound that still makes the experimental art “listener friendly”!

I’m looking forward to see what else Sturqen conjures up! (BTW, get the CD while it’s still available, the case is sweet!)



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