Drudkh – Autumn Aurora

Drudkh is a Ukranian pagan black metal band that started in 2003 by the members of Hate Forest. Drudkh started as a side project for songs that the band members felt didn’t fit with Hate Forest’s tone and feel. Drudkh has a heavy focus on atmosphere and grandiose melodies, going so far as to featuring guitar solos, which is quite unusual and rare with black metal bands. The band draws inspiration from old Ukrainian folk tales and history and many of their lyrics are old Ukrainian poems.

Autumn Aurora is their second album and arguably one of their best albums. It has a perfect blend of the harshness of black metal and beautiful, melancholic melodies. The production value on the album is just right, not too harsh and not too studio sounding.

Autumn Aurora starts of with a nice little intro with a acoustic guitar and chirping birds and suddenly switches to the heavily distorted guitars and awesome, highly repetitive drums. The vocals are so-so, not the best there is but nowhere near the worst. If the elements were looked at on their own, the album is not really that impressive, it’s the sum of the parts that really sells Autumn Aurora. The atmosphere is definitely the strength of the album and the feeling it creates when you put your mind into it, is just fantastic!

If you haven’t heard Drudkh before, this is a excellent album to start with!

I. Fading
II. Summoning the Rain
III. Glare of Autumn
IIII. Sunwheel
V. Wind of the Night Forest
VI. The First Snow

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One response to “Drudkh – Autumn Aurora

  1. Waniyetu

    This is a truly amazing, mesmerizing record that really showcases how beautiful and hypnotic black metal can really be.

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