Anemone Tube – Flowers of Reality

Anemone Tube was conceived in 1996, in Germany, by Stefan Hanser. He is a experimental noise/dark ambient producer and much of his music is a mixture of dark, low key ambient loops, distorted acoustic sounds and a big emphasize on psychedelic and industrial soundscapes.

It is not easy to get a grasp on the weight of Anemone Tube’s music, much of his works are quite different from each other and yet,at the same time, they are all very similar. His works, specially the tapes and later works, share the same overwhelming feeling of dread, unease and the feeling of distance. His music puts you in an almost hypnotic state and transports you along a forlorn boat journey, through distant and alien landscapes, imprisoned together with a longing for something more than reality.

Flowers of Reality is a journey through an industrialized dystopia, crumbling under its own weight, while the only sign of the glory that was, is a long since dead river, that flows through the cracked and faded landscape.

Ka Do – Der Blumenweg, is almost a soundtrack of an inhospitable industry, with echoed crashes, heavy, vibrating pounds of a engine. Until it all crumbles together into a formless and incoherent mess of sonic violation.

Black River and Building of Flavors are a dark and dreary voyage through a long since faded vista of a land that longs for the glory that once was.

I. Ka Do-Der Blumenweg
II. Black River
III. Building of Flavors

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