Bosse-De-Nage – II

Now here we have some quality experimental black metal, and one of the most brutal and blasphemous names ever!

Bosse-De-Nage are based in San Fransisco, and as a side note, they recorded their first album in a single day session! As you probably can guess, this is not your typical black metal affair, but not so much the most far out and experimental black metal either… It more flips some of the elements that makes up BM and takes it into new soundscapes. 

I find that in “regular” black metal, the music isn’t focused on the drums so much, as to the atmosphere and/or the riffs. The drums usually falls into the background and just follows along with the guitars, and doesn’t have much wiggle room for any extraordinary diversions in compositions. Bosse-De-Nage, however, says, “Screw that!”, and lets the drummer have all the fun.

While the focus is on the pounding and awesome drums, they never evolve into the poly-rhythmic territory with insane time-signatures and sudden tempo changes, that will snap your neck if you try to headbang to them. But, goddammit, those are some catchy rhythms! The vocals are also a bit special, with strained, almost desperate, screams, in sync with the beat. And man, those lyrics…

To sum up, awesome unique cover art, well made black metal, flips the focus to the drums, great vocals and lyrics and one of the best endings to a album I’ve heard in a while!

I. Volume II Chapter I
II. Marie In a Cage
III. The Lampless Hours
IIII. The Death Posture
V. Why Am I So Lonely? Because My Master Washes Me.

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