Port Authority – We Ain’t Back in the Day

This is the first rap/hip-hop-album I have listened all the way through, and I must say that it has not changed my opinion of this genre… At least it does not abuse all this, “yo yo, bitches ‘n’ hoes be popped in the azz, mother fucker! Gangsta 4 lyfe!!” lyrics. (I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…)

As stated, I’m not a fan of rap/hip-hop music and artists, and this album does not make me want to poke my eardrums out like some other artists, but the album is still not good, just boring, repetitive, uninspired with horrible lyrics.

The Port Authority is a collective of artists from different pockets of North America united by random circumstance. The group consists of Fatt Matt, Dvice, Hashim Mills and producer The Dirty Sample.
The Dirty Sample (Urbnet/Hand Solo) is a Canadian producer and has produced beats for many different artists .
Fatt Matt (Low Pressure/Dirty Crew/Camobear) has been a touring force in Canada for the last 10 years. Originally from Nova Scotia, Fatt Matt transplanted to BC in 2003 and has been a staple on the scene ever since as part of the legendary Low Pressure collective.
Dvice (Low Pressure/Dirty Crew) is a veteran MC from Surrey, BC. Together with Fatt Matt, Dvice has toured Canada as a key member and co-founder of the Dirty Crew. They met The Dirty Sample in 2005 while performing in Calgary and this formed the beginnings of an alliance re-born in 2011.
Hashim Mills (formerly of Rawkus Records group “Rise and Shine”) is a Brooklyn MC whom, by a strange sequence of events, has ended up calling Vancouver his 2nd home. A quick tour in 2009 set the foundation for future music projects with Fatt Matt and Dvice.

But enough with the artists and on to the album. It is what I presume is quite standard affair with the boring monotonous beats, simple melodies from synthesizers, various short samples and lyrics with simple rimes, or no rimes at all. We Ain’t Back in the Day is described as “gritty”, but I would more describe it as “formulaic” or well-produced. There is nothing gritty or abrasive about the music, it sounds too “nice” and the production quality is too good.

Import/Export is probably the funniest song of the album, just because the silly refrain. And that is one of the things I don’t get about them, are they singing about the Canadian import/export crew, or are they themselves the import/export crew? And why would you be making a hip-hop record about it? Are the Canadian import/export regulations so hard that the rappers as so upset about them?

Anyway, I could sit here and describe every song and go on about how they all sound alike and how I think boring, uninspired music is boring and uninspired. If you like rap, you’ll like this, if not stay away, there is much better music to listen to, like Diapsiquir – A.N.T.I. if you want to hear rap blended with experimental industrial metal!

At least the cover is nice.



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