Mike Decline – Mood Soop

Lo and behold, here’s something new on YTiMS, actual “radio music”! I’d like to say, right from the start, that I’m not particularly familiar with this style of music. (I’m more of a breakcore, IDM, EBM, glitch fan…) Still, I’m not afraid to talk about music that’s not my cup of tea. Mood Soop is a calm, soft “Trip-Hop” album, and, despite labeled as instrumental, it features samples of people singing on virtually every song… It also features a couple of local Vancouver artist that I have no clue about, Ashleigh Eymann, Leathan Milne, and DJ K Rec, but perhaps some of you are familiar with them.

Canadian Mike Decline has been involved in the music scene for more than ten years, and he has been involved in music for TV and movies and DJ:ing private parties. He is now signed on Phonographique label.

Mood Soop it self is quite mellow and very comfortable to listen to and you can play it at a cafe and nobody will go mad about the crazy time signatures, ear screeching glitches or obscure lyrics. It constantly has a dance-able beat, and calming melodies and various samples of violins, etc.  Because of this, there isn’t anything extraordinary about the music and it feels too good and perfect. Mood Soop is Mike’s take on winter and the feelings associated with the winter months.  While it sure has a hazy and chill, it doesn’t really convey “winter” to me… I like his choice to make the album one long, consecutive mix, and not lots of separate songs. This makes the album to feel consistent and can better establish a feeling.

If you want to listen to some chill and nice music and just relax, you certainly can’t go wrong with Mood Soop.

I. Stop Signs
II. Sleep
III. Rain Sand Main Land
V. The Sun, The Shadow
VI. Hypnotize Diary Eyes
VII. Granvillians
VIII. Beautiful Thing
X. Her Now Too
XI. Sitting Around in Circles
XII. Kitsilano
XIII. Sapphire Bullets are for Crowd Control



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