Ash Borer – S/T

Ash Borer really surprised me the first time I listened to them, I was expecting just another upstarting black metal band that sounds hard and rough simply because the low production quality, like it was recorded in someones basement on a tape recorder. But what I found was truly something more!

Ash Borer was formed in 2008 in Arcata, California, by M, A, K, N and R. They released their first demo tape in 2010 and the have re-released it and released some other live tapes, a split w/t Fell Voices, and a discography, on several labels. Their latest album, Cold of Ages, will be released in August 14th on Profound Lore Records label.

While their sound isn’t the freshest, or the most original and groundbreaking, their sound is so tight it sounds like they have been preforming with the band for many years. The wailing guitars work in prefect unison with the drums, and the haunting atmosphere from the synth is just spot on! To top it all of, the singers wails is just excellent, almost as good as Vindsval at times.. Although, not really, no one is even close to his standard, but is on his way there.

This album was originally released as a tape on the label Psychic Violence Records, limited to 150 copies, and later re-released on vinyl on the label Pesanta Urfolk. One black vinyl edition, with a poster of the original artwork, a patch and a sticker, and a other edition with red foil logo cover with a slick red vinyl.

Overall this is a excellent album by a tight group that know what they do and I look forward to hearing their new stuff in August, and if you can check them out live, I suggest that you do it! I can only assume that they will be sounding even more epic live!

I. In the Midst of Life, We Are in Death
II. Rest, You Are the Lightning
III. My Curse Was Raised in the Darkness Against a Doomsday Silence

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