Distorted Cognitions – Incipient/Proletariat

Want to listen to some harsh and violent experimental black metal, but don’t have the guts to listen to Abu Lahab? Then check this album out!

Distorted Cognitions is a experimental black metal band by McWilliams, and revolves around philosophic and scientific themes. It was founded in 2006 and released the fist album in 2008, in a limited edition of fifty copies.

Incipient/Proletariat, and the other albums, are quite high concept albums and not for the closed-minded or the weak-hearted.

The album blends dark and dreary ambient track, which would fit quite nicely in a soundtrack for dark, abandoned industrial/mental facilities; with ugly, harsh and destroyed industrial-ish black metal , reminicent of the Moroccan project Abu Lahab. Incipient/Proletariat is a great album, check it out!

I. To Go Under
II. Nihilist Hypothesis
III. Thoughts of Monism
IIII. Conquest Binomial
V. Archaic Abandon
VI. Ambient Evolution Beta
VII. Anscent Logic
VIII. Exploited Proletariat
VIIII. What Is Good

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2 responses to “Distorted Cognitions – Incipient/Proletariat

  1. t h frank

    Good stuff, really enjoyed it. Could you link me to more music like this, or post something from Abu lahab, I browsed the web and couldn’t find anything (kept getting shitty muslim websites lol)

    • Well, since Abū Lahab was the prophet Muhammed’s uncle and one of the opposers and enemies of Islam, it’s not weird that Muslims talk about him. Anyway there will be a post on Friday about Abu Lahab!

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