Shrine of the Northern Blood, Epitome VI: The Eye – Supremacy

Time once more to bask in the glory of Vindsval and dream of what once was…

Supremacy is Vindsval’s second and last release as The Eye and perhaps one of his last “traditional” sounding black metal albums before he returned to the sound with What Once Was… and Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With the Stars. Supremacy is heavy on machine drums and synthesized sounds and have a quite mellow overall feel to it.

Released on Velvet Music International, (which evolved from Impure Creations Records) in 1997 and only released in 500 copies, makes it really hard to find a copy of the CD.

Supremacy is as supreme as it’s name, with mystic sweeping soundscapes and a very clear song from Vindsval, before he really found his unique sound. While you can at times see that the lyrics are written by someone who English isn’t his first language, the lyrics are still solid and fits with the music. Supremacy shows the beginning of the cleaver blending of the dark vocals, melodic atmosphere, harsh guitars and pounding technical drums that will be the staple of Blut Aus Nord!

Anyone who loves old-school black metal with some sprinkling of synths should listen to it!

I. The Eternal Oath of lie
II. The Land
III. The Call of a Thousand Souls
IIII. My Supremacy
V. Aidyl
VI. The Purest Domination of Wisdom (The Eternal Eye)
VII. Your Wickedness… (Bastard Son of Fear
VIII. The Eye

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