Donna Parker – Arachnid Paralysis


Donna Parker or Mary Staubitz is a noise artist from Massachusetts who have collaborated with a number of different artist, among them Jessica RylanArachnid Paralysis is her latest cassette, released on the label YDLMIER, and is recorded spring of 2006. The cassette is dedicated to Steve Gisselbrecht and Tom Wethern and is mixed and mastered by Mark William Pearson.

The album is quite short, roughly 16 min total, and consists of three songs. The noise consists mostly of repeated ticking sounds, feedback, loops and numerous screeches. It very rhythmic and quite low-key for being a noise album. It’s quite repetitive and almost hypnotic. While not the best noise tape I have heard, it’s still a nice piece of american noise. Both sides of the cassette features the same songs.

Arachnid Paralysis is released in two versions, one with a gray cover and one in purple, both were released in 20 copies each, so you’ll have to dig some to find a copy for yourselves.

I. A Spider Crawls Into My Bed And Bites Me Again And Again
II. My Legs Swell Up And Everything Looks Really Weird But I Get On A Plane Anyway
III. I’m Feverish And Hallucinating And Sleeping In Someone’s Van In A Strange Place And Wanting To Die



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