Free Friday: Hanetration – Tenth Oar EP

For this edition of Free Friday(TM), I have some glitchy drone for you to enjoy.

I have never before hear about the artist Hanetration and I have therefor not much to say about him. Hanetration seems to be a relatively new artist, and hails from London, UK.

Tenth Oar EP is a quite interesting album, and most of the press of it are all pretty positive. The EP consists of four experimental ambient pieces, made from field recordings and glitchy sounds. While the album starts of creating a quite beautiful and somber feeling, Rufus arrives with a tone, that many people might find quite annoying and distracting tone, along with some weird drum line. The EP finishes, quite fittingly with Wreck, a final, twisted, wailing lament.

Tenth Oar EP is a interesting debut to say the least, wery reminicent of The Compass Rose, The Gray Field Recordings. Hanetration has a promising future, just up the lo-fi with some more interesting glitched out samples.

Music for headphones, indeed!

I. Rex
II. Alarm
III. Rufus
IIII. Wreck



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