The CNK – Ultraviolence Über Alles – Übercharged Edition

The CNK(The Cosa Nostra Klub) formed in 1996, after Hreidmarr got kicked out of the band Malevilance for being too bossy, and after he got kicked out he stived to create the “dirtiest, meanest and most borderline black metal band ever.” At the time there weren’t many electronic metal bands available in the French metal scene, and gained a small notice when they released their first album Ultraviolence Über Alles in 2002. But since they didn’t have a steady line-up they couldn’t preform for quite a while, and disappeared. Until 2007, when they finally got their members together and released the album L’Hymne à la Joie. Now they have signed with the great label Season of Mist and re-released Ultraviolence Über Alles.

The titular album has a very strong feel of industrial metal mixed with some goth-aesthetics and martial sounding drums and rhythmic guitars.  Very little black metal survived from their former band, and it is, a shame because it would be quite interesting mix with black metal and the industrial/goth/martial feel. As it is, the album feel like many other bands in those genres like, Marlyn Manson, Deathstars, Cradle of Filth, Dimension F3H.(Admittedly, I am not the greatest connoisseur of gothic, industrial metal, so cut me some slack if I’m wrong…)

While the popularity of goth and industrial metal has risen since 2002, The CNK has fallen a bit under the radar and now sounds quite common, Ultraviolence Über Alles is by no means a bad album, there are some great songs here like LK Nosferat and Get a Gun – Shoot at Random, it’s just a bit regular and could have been great if they kept a more black metal sound and perhaps upped the industrial sounds.

The re-release also features some ´good covers by other similar bands, like HELEL and HIV+.

I. Political police
II. Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV
III. L.K. Nosferat
IIII. Kommando ’96
V. Apology
VI. Get a gun / shoot at random
VII. Love game over
VIII. Bunkermmon khaos 3
VIIII. Political Police – cover by LOWER 48
X. Jim Beamed Dum-Dum Khaos – cover by TAMTRUM (vox by Fixhead)
XI. L.K. Nosferat Enjoy Crash Mix – remix by MoMie
XII. (We don’t care about) Kommando ’96 – cover by HERRSCHAFT (vox by Hreidmarr & MX)
XIII. Apology – cover by HELEL
XIIII. Get a Gun, Shoot at Random – cover by BLACKRAIN
XV. Love Game Over – cover by VARSOVIE
XVI. Bunkermoon Total War Mix – remix by HIV+

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