Shrine of the Northern Blood, Epitome V: The Eye – Normanniska

A side project from Vindsval, that only released a demo and a CD, Normanniska and My Supremacy.

Cold and atmpspheric black metal with very prominent synths and some shining examples of how Vindsvalcan make really epic moments! The track “An Ancestal Journey In Your Blood” is fantastic!
It features more traditional style growls from Vindsval.

On a side note, I like the way he spells “Normanniska” , if he tries to write “Man from the north” in swedish, it should be spelled “Nordmännsiska”.
The cassette is really hard to find and you should count yourselves lucky is you can get a hold of a copy, by the way, anyone have a spare copy over that I can “borrow”…?

I. Intro
II. Your Glory Beyond Our Dead
III. The Purest Domination In Wisdom (The Eternal Eye)
IV. An Ancestral Journey In Your Blood

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