Shrine of the Northern Blood, Epitome IV: Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Ages

This is it. This is the album that made med fall in love with black metal for ever! This is the greatest record there is, and will always be. Ever since that faithful day I stumbled upon it on my hard drive, my preception of black metal, and all music, was forever changed. I saw the dark light of the majesty of Vindsval.

It was released 1996 and it would take 13 years for Blut Aus Nord to perfect the sequel, and wise Odin, did the live up to it!

The fantastic drumming from W.D. Feld, which already on this album shows the unique syle of his, is absolutely sublime. The otherworldly melodies from the keyboards and guitars plays a much lager role than in other BM bands. Fucking awesome riffs and the way the guitar and drums flows together is nothing short of genial. And not to mention the brutal growls and choir, prefect!

This is also the only release from Blut Aus Nord to have the lyrics published. Fully packed with slaughter, talking ravens, dwarfs and revenge most glorious!

Memoria Vetusta I is my benchmark for all old style/true black metal, and to this day some bands have come close to the majesty of this album but no one have surpassed it, and I think no one ever will.

If you call yourself a black metal fan and have not listened to this album, you are a hypocrite and should be punished! If you don’t like it and it makes your ears hurt, you can just shuffle back to your fucking manufactured pop drivel and Biber fags, and leave the real music to the real people!

1. Slaughterday (The Heathen Blood of Ours)
2. On the Path of Wolf… Towards Dwarfhill
3. Sons of Wisdom, Master of Elements
4. The Forsaken Voices of the Ghostwood’s Shadowy Realm
5. The Territory of Witches/Guardians of the Dark Lake
6. Day of Revenge (The Impure Blood of Theirs)
7. Fathers of the Icy Age

Label/Encyclopaedia Metallum 


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