Gauchiste – S/T

New esoteric black/doom metal preformed by Tomas Phillips, Craig Hilton and Tannon Penland, mastered by James Plotkin.

When I heard this album was released, I ordered it with yoy and antisipation, but when I finally got it in the mail I, for some reason, never felt like listening to it and I just kept putting it off.  But now when I have listened to it, I have to say I am quite pleased with the music and that I finally did it.

Dark and dreary and ominous music, that only Plotkin can produce, blasts out from the untrimmed vinyl and is craftily made. My only gripe with this album is far too reminiscent of Sunn O))) and can be a bit to lingering and slow moving. But this is doom metal after all so if you don’t like that music, why don’t you listen to something more to your taste, like Nickleback? Gauchiste takes inspiration from both minimalistic, ambient music and metal, and combines it with their love for both genres and experimental music.

If you like Sunn O))) and similar artists, this is a good addition to your collection and by buying it you are supporting new and small independent labels, which make it possible for you to hear thees awesome new bands!

1. Viols
2. When We Are Gone/
3. Choeur I
4. /The Light Is Alone
5. Choeur II
6. Autist Hammer
7. Stop Believin



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Filed under Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-Garde, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Doom Metal, Drone, Gauchiste, Minimalistic

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