Shrine of the Northern Blood, Epitome III: Blut Aus Nord – Ultima Thulée

The first album released after the name change from Vlad. It is very much in the vein of the works released during Vlad and he has recruted W.D. Feld on the drums and keyboard.

Before we get to the album itself, we have to take a short history lesson to better understand some of the possible controversy surrounding certain themes that may be brought up while talking about BM and the frozen north. The name of the album is a term originated from old European literature and maps and is used to describe a region to the far north. Modern interpretations identify Ultima Thule as Norway, Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands and Scandinavia. While the term used to stand for the northernmost region on the map, the Nazi occultists believed in a historical Thule/Hyperborea as the origin of the “Aryan race”. This belief originates from the thoroughly discredited Oera Linda Book “found” by Cornelis Over de Linden during the 19th Century. Since then the term has been associated with Neo-Nazis and National-socialists even though it has nothing to do with those horrendous values.
Here in Sweden the term Ultima Thule is quite controversial because of a band named after it and the band’s supposedly racist themes and lyrics. They gained a following from right-extremists and considered by the public to be racist because their frequent use of Swedish patriotism(every Swede knows it is wrong to be proud of our land). But the band themselves denounce that they are racist and to have a neo-nazi affiliation.

But enough attention the the hateful spewing mongrels and back to the wonderful music of Blut Aus Nord.

Any fan of old and true black metal will love this release; the pounding drums, the sweeping melodies and excellent vocals makes the album one of the finest examples from the french wave of black metal.
The Son of Hoarfrost starts of the album and immediately they start of with some notes from a mystical keyboard, and that will be the thing that sets the album far above mediocrity. The song itself is solid and incorporates all the elements to show in the album.
The Plain of Ida is immensely beautiful with a almost church like organ playing wondrous melodies of vast landscapes of esoteric beauty, while Vindsval sings of tales long lost. This is one of the highlights of the voyage and a must listen!
My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap is a ambient piece, filled only with the harmonics of a forlorn prayer and by Odin, is it soulful! It is also the only song to have the lyrics printed.

Every respectful black metal fan must own this album and it is a good start to get in to the masterful works of Vindsval!

I. The Son of Hoarfrost
II. The Plain of Ida
III. From Hlidskjalf
IV. My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap
V. Till I Perceive Bifrost
VI. On the Way to Vigrid
VII. Rigstula
VIII. The Last Journey of Ringhorn

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