Free Friday: Les Femmes Experimentelles

Today we will celebrate women with a compilation of female experimental music artists, from the net label Electro Rucini. The album is calm and relaxing with some marvelous songs that are very poetic and soulful. The track Shadow by Belgian Dominica Eyckmans is fantastic and the song Pureza (Hilário Gonçalves) by Z.O.T.E., a ambient, noise, industrial project by Amber Dolly and Risco Corrosivo, is very beautiful.

This a wonderful album and you should deffinetly give it a listen if you want something calm and experimental!



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One response to “Free Friday: Les Femmes Experimentelles

  1. This is really cool, I guess female noise artists aren’t that rare but I rarely hear people talk about them, and my only real exposure to female fronted noise has been at live shows. I’m not really that bothered about the gender of music but it is nice to see my side represented so well!

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