Free Friday: Yellow Eyes – Silence Threads The Evening’s Cloth

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the weekend than with a great atmospheric black metal band!

Yellow Eyes is a upcoming band from Brooklyn, NY, and is in the vein of Ash Borer(fucking great!) and Liturgy. Dark, low production value, melodic without getting overboard and absolutely fantastic sound! This is what melodic-atmospheric-black metal is all about! To top it all of, they released the album for free. The pirates were only going to do it anyway so why not cut of the middle man?

1. Gulit Lingers at Sunrise
2. My Candle is Gone but I Do Not Move
3. Dry Stone at Field’s Edge
4. No More Than a Soaked Plank
5. Warm Lake Under a Lifeless Sky
6. Silence Threads the Evening’s Cloth *(Brilliant song!)
7. Meadow Withdrawn
8. Rotted Wheat
9. Cathedral



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Filed under Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-Garde, Black Metal, Melodic, Yellow Eyes

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