Shrine of the Northern Blood, Epitome I: Vlad – In the Mist

With the imminent release of Blut Aus Nord’s second part of the 777 trilogy, I decided to make a series of posts honoring the brilliant and fantastic works of Vindsval’s Blut Aus Nord!

Vindsval released his first demo tape “In the Mist” as Vlad in 1993. The album is a example of true black metal done right, with a haunting atmosphere, solid music(the guitars play a big role), and right from the start Vindsval’s signature vocals can be heard bellowing pure blasphemous bliss! The vocals is quite “traditional” BM growls but it has his typical sound even from his first demo.

In the Mist has large portions of almost ambient songs in between the “regular” songs, which gives the album a good balance between harsh and mystic. Vindsval’s genius, and style  is present even in his first outing and it will only get better from here!

The demo is very rare but deffinetly worth the trouble of finding a copy, not only because it is Blut Aus Nord’s first tape, but also for it is a masterful example of true old-school black metal!

I. Raging Chaos
II. For my Darkest Fantasy
III. Forgotten Land
IV. The Seven Winters

Encyclopaedia Metallum/Current Label 


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