Prurient – Cocaine Death

This is one of my favourite noise albums to grace the face of the music world!

Prurient is a noise musician who lives in New York and runs the label  Hospital Productions and has been releasing music since 1998. Cocaine Death is a compilation CD which includes some of Prurient’s songs from out of production cassettes.

The songs on the album are lo-fi, aggresive, crunchy, with broken melodies and full of distorted screams. All of this blended together masterfully to become arguably the most harsh, yet listenable noise record out there. Hi-lights:  Garden of Tranquility, Dog of Addiction and Historically, Women Use Poison to Kill.

A must for anyone who wants to hear the punk of this generation!

1. Pretext
2. Cocaine Death
3. Dog of Addiction
4. Lay by Son
5. Garden of Tranquility
6. Eve of Adam
7. Historically, Women Use Poison to Kill
8. Postscript

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